Home at Cedar Creek

Abby Lambright, the mainstay of this series, is a seamstress who also mends broken hearts/broken lives—and whose unrequited love for carriage maker James Graber provides some plain romantic tension from one book to the next. In ABBY FINDS HER CALLING, Abby’s younger sister, Zanna, shocks all the folks in Cedar Creek, Missouri when she disappears on the day she’s to marry James. When she admits she’s pregnant, the Lambright family and everyone in town have a few lessons to learn about the nature of our love for one another and the love of God for all of his children.

AN AMISH COUNTRY CHRISTMAS, an anthology containing a novella set in Willow Ridge (Seasons of the Heart series) and a novella set in my Cedar Creek series, is also now available.

AMANDA WEDS A GOOD MAN is the beginning of a new sub-series, One Big Happy Family, within the Home at Cedar Creek series. The second book, EMMA BLOOMS AT LAST, will be in stores and available for download November 4, 2014.

What happened to book 3 in the Home at Cedar Creek series? You’re not the only one to be confused about #3 of the Cedar Creek series, because the publisher began a new “sub-series” and named it One Big Happy Family (it’s a sort of Amish Brady-Bunch idea because I’ve introduced a new blended/remarried family. AMANDA WEDS A GOOD MAN is the book you’re looking for there!
This series will be complete in Nov. when EMMA BLOOMS AT LAST appears.

Abby Finds Her Calling
Book 1
Rosemary Opens Her Heart
Book 2
An Amish Country Christmas
part of the series
Amanda Weds a Good Man
Book 3
Emma Blooms At Last
Book 4